In the most beautiful tones of fragrant lavender flowers. A new collection of creator Mirjana Vujcic refreshed our  fashion world of pastel colors with a new, but also fragrant color, with the color of lavender. Like the world’s greatest poets for every description they wished to experience. They used the synesthesia, so we use the same for the color of this collection, because this color simply smells!

On the runway of fashion shows, we are back with the accessories. Unique Mia and Aya handbags, which have left everything breathless with colors, design and quality! Mia is a reminder of past. Mia is a sweet nickname that contains everything that has been done so far and has been achieved, and behind what we stand proud!  The difficult decision is Mia or Aya, and then is it lavender, pink, blue or white! And Aya? Aya is a story for herself! Aya is a small purse that keeps all the secrets and things of the woman. Although it looks small, it can hide a lot! Aya is fun, playful, you will grab her for a walk or to go out, she is the friend of every your outfit, especially that little silver which was the initial cap of the other Aya-s!

Mia & Aya, like mom and daughter in our fashion world, they are winning the hearts of girls who are deliciously crowned in our dress, so they only miss a small bag in their hand for this perfect turn (well, the stronger half’s have the other hand to get!). The difficult decision is Mia or Aya, and then to choose lavender, pink, blue or white!

What about macaroons? Pastel violet color does not smell only on the lavender. Our synesthesia is expanding here. Our lavender color is delicious. It has a sweet taste of the macaroon cake. The one that attracts you with its refined appearance and color, and then the sweet taste that melts in your mouth.  In the power of our talented designer, this inspiration has merged into a perfect set design.

It was a challenge to make two huge cookies, to aesthetically meet all our requirements in such a sized form, and to retain functionality on the set, just as we imagined. So we have to say, our macaroons are  little artworks! The coloring took a few weeks. Because everything is in a special shade, and our shade has a shade. Well, it’s fine, it’s already our internal joke! So one full story was painted in the color of lavender for the Spring/Summer 2018 collection We harmonized the finest materials with the highest quality natural leather. We adjusted the scene with the vision we had, and the magic was created. We share all the pieces of that magic with you.  It’s so beautiful.