ETERNAL 2013/14

With ­­­delicate steps, wander over a rainbow tinted with love. Follow the alluring glance which tempts you. So leave behind untold tales and unfinished songs and wander down the path of affection. That is the ETERNAL collection by Mirjana Vujcic. This (Serbian) designer has infused her designs with captivating emotion, creating a collection that breathes intimacy, infatuation, and love.

Refined lines accentuate shape and capture the beauty of the world in a single silhouette, while the finest of handpicked materials evoke innermost desires of a loving embrace. Delicate pastel colours, romantic lace, silk, and pearls of the pieces give the collection a hint of innocence, like the allure of a first kiss.

Whether an enchanting evening gown or gracious suit, the pieces create an aura of sophistication and immortality. Through its timeless elegance and glamour, the ETERNAL collection by Mirjana Vujcic threatens to resist even the most uncontrollable of forces, the passing of time.

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