If there was a science that studies the mysterious and undiscovered beauty of a woman, we would be her greatest followers looking for more answers and inspiration in her, Woman. In creative nights, in the twisting of inspiration, thoughts and ideas, among the lace that speaks through the silence , there was created a collection that brought together aesthetics and love that lasts for years.

Simplicity and something hidden which every woman has, collection Mirjana Vujcic Spring / Summer 2019 presents woman’s beauty seen as a beautiful flower. Our inspiration is a strong, self-confident, self-conscious woman who is striving fearlessly in her attitude, a woman who carries her tenderness in every move and gesture, sensual and seductive. Our recognizable patterns, simple forms that subtly emphasize the female silhouette, wrapped up in the finest materials are parts of this collection too. Segments of lace with carefully selected design are an homage to a classical, romantic beauty. Whether it’s about long dresses with breathtaking elegance, the woman who inspired us to create this collection will wear equally powerfully pants and suits. Details of cuffs on pants, on one of the most seductive part of the female body – a thin wrist, a blouse or jacket will be worn equally feminine with a part of her other, a bit of “male” energy. Discreet crystal`s shine make the pieces of clothes a real pieces of art. Rose is a double inspiration in this collection, in its colour and the beauty of its flower, which is reflected in handmade flowers on the ribbon of a jacket or string that falls down the pockets of pants, giving women the courage and uniqueness they can wear in every occasion. Following trends, we create unique and new ones, with the unique seal of Mirjana Vujcic: subtle, gentle and feminine.

Playing with accessories in the previous SS18 and FW19 collections, the new collection for Spring / Summer 2019 brought a real refreshment to Mia and Aya bags, with unique top quality wallets that fit perfectly with them. This warm shade of pastel pink – Pressed Rose, with the addition of a more intense pink tone like the the most beautiful rose and our recognizable warm, milky white color will take you into summer, walking through small Italian island in a luxurious, midi dress and Mia bag.
By the name of a Rose, her most beautiful shapes and colors in the shade of Pressed Rose and gently white, the collection Mirjana Vujcic Spring / Summer 2019 is a real creative oasis, which fashion lovers and aesthetes will completely enjoy.
Be a Rose like the one from the garden of the paradise, which, in many similar, stands out with its uniqueness, gentleness and beauty brought by the Mirjana Vujcic’s brand new collection.