VINTAGE SS 2012/13

Brave, fierce and unique, ready to conquer all the peaks of the world. She is above all our heroine of the collection Vintage SS 2012/2013. Unique style of dresses or perfectly trimmed men’s suit. This collection brings the fresh breath of glamour to the fashion scene. Feminine dress models that follow the body line or a short, flying dress that is fun and playful, the aesthetic ideal of the creator Mirjana Vujcic has remained the same – simple, eternal elegance.

Allowing the wind to play with lightweight materials and cuts, the Vintage SS 2012/2013 collection shows the wearable sophistication, which is made to complete your beauty. Soft pastel models of long and short dresses are contrasts with black, blue and gray men's suit, which with their ideal cut and stylish matching dominates at every appearance.

In his strong hug, her gentle silhouette wrapped in silk and lace made their elegance merged into the main feature of the Vintage SS 2012/2013 collection – sophistication. Details of a handmade bow or flower are designer’s mark with which this collection becomes recognizable in the fashion world. Designed for those with special sense for fashion and elegance, this collection will make your outfit perfect with Mirjana Vujcic’s signature.

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