So fairy tales can be inspiration to a modern woman. Designer Mirjana Vujcic has proved with her newest fashion collection, whose models reminds us of prettiest princesses that lived in a castle. Long romantic dresses or elegant man’s suit, details of lace, flowers and pearls made a Vintage collection to be in the same time as much romantic and dreamy also a very urban and modern.
Unique details on swaying fabrics that represent the expression of glamour, grace and elegance, such as those in luxurious royal gardens, will awake the long forgotten dreams of every modern princess. Luxurious dresses and details like a bow or buttons down the back will make you feel gentle and thin and at the same time, strong and special.
MV dresses foster the true beauty of the woman, the one above the physical: it is the beauty of her spirit, her character, her taste and expression of herself. So, lets dive into this collection and go to the romantic journey, which will wake up our senses with timeless elegance, because the Vintage collection is made only for those with sophisticated taste for fashion.

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