Elegant and refined in style, new Wedding collection by Mirjana Vujcic brings a fresh breath of Parisian chique, music and jazz of the 20’s as well as a bit of Extravaganza and glamour well blended in beautiful Wedding pieces. Not accidentally photographed in the streets of the city where the designer has been creating for many years, we wanted to present the glamour and prestige of this collection not under the spotlight of the Haute Couture show, but in the street style background of wearable elegance available for your special day. Materials like silk, the finest viscose are decorated with pearls or a statement belt which brings a touch of modern. Details of tulle, a luxurious cape that gently slides down the shoulders In a move of seductive dance of jazz and glamorous parties of the 20s. Then, details of feathers on materials rich in texture, In a simple form and design have remained consistent to our ‘Less is more’.

In addition to the glamour of long dresses and luxury materials, we wanted also to put a focus on our classic models, reshaped with new inspiration and creative skills. Short dresses of so-called ballerina style, with hand-sewn pearls, so fluttery and fun, at the same time elegant and irresistible invite you straight to the dance floor. A robe with pearls and delicate silk blouses will make you feel the elegance of French ladies waking up in the glamour of their Parisian apartments and their boudoirs.

Pants with a ruffle, reshaped jackets as a deconstruction of a classic #MV suit, are our eternal inspiration for a strong, determined woman who is ready to show her character with a bold choice of fashion pieces on her wedding day as well.
Classic with a touch of extravagance, Wedding collection 2020 by Mirjana Vujcic was a real challenge in making this perfect balance, created to be complete only when a woman beautifies it with her choice.

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