The PURE collection by Mirjana Vujcic breathes purity and precision. Transforming the finest materials into timeless designs. Manifesting under your touch and before your very eyes.
Seeing fashion as a way to express herself, she colours her designs with love in recognizable pastel tones. Delicate lace, feather motifs, and embellished sequins amidst flowing silky chiffon and gentle mesh fabrics make this collection faultless not only for weddings but also every other occasion.

Clean lines and lucid patterns bring her unique designs into one with the body, shaping and creating an impression of romance and style.
With attention to detail and the correct selection of the finest materials, she manages to make every dress in a unique and sophisticated manner, accentuating the perfect sensuality of a woman.

Beaded pearls or a thin leather belt around the waist are a reflection of her ability to engage with detail, making every model breath-taking and irresistible. Mirjana Vujcic’s unstoppable energy and ambition has, together with her creativity and innovation created a platform for a new expression of fashion achievement, evidenced in the “PURE” collection

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