SS 2018
Unique and recognizable, but still fresh and innovative. The new collection of a designer Mirjana Vujcic for spring/summer 2018 is a unit of a modern and classical style in a most beautiful way. This collection presents a fusion of a two fashion decades. 1940s and modern times, but also two ingenious details: bows and wide sleeves.
Gentle woman’s silhouette stays as an ideal of all fashion pieces, adding a bit of sensuality by showing naked shoulders and a unique detail of a handmade bow on one or both shoulders. Playing with the new inspiration, designer Mirjana Vujcic has enriched this collection for two new colours: pastel purple colour, like a lavender flower and a soft mint colour.
Pastel colours and nice, clean shapes of the pieces of the brand Mirjana Vujcic have stayed the most dominant features of collection SS18, so the saying Less is more is still a main part of the brands fashion philosophy.

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