Sensual, seductive, recognizable and above all always on her own. So this was the fashion credo of designer Mirjana Vujčić for the new wedding collection S/S Wedding 2018. Fine, light and airy dresses. It’s gorgeous cuts will give each woman an indescribable feeling of floating in an airy game that includes glamour, elegance and sophistication.
The seduction of woman's beauty and her sex appeal are expressed on the upper parts of the dresses, where naked segments of the skin and woman's shoulders are showing her ecstatic beauty. A bow detail on the waist accentuates the gentle silhouette of the female body, continuing the fashion story that the creator began in earlier Vintage collection, and then in the spectacular, latest collection Spring / Summer 2018, in which the bow dominates as a detail – on dresses, through fluttering blouses to coats.
If a woman needs to nourish her specialty and emphasize that on the most special day in her life, fashion designer Mirjana Vujčić has also shown in this collection, because the most beautiful feature of each of her unique dresses is actually the woman who is wearing it.

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