Romantic, gentle and sophisticated have stayed our imperatives for creating this collection for the Fall/Winter 2019. Despite the cold weather, gentle pastel tones of wool and cashmere coats will allow you to stay stylish and unique.  Emphasizing women’s beauty and her silhouette in her most beautiful forms, we have enriched this collection with another accessories – leather belts that on the coat, skirt or some other piece of clothes accentuates the line of waist and give your outfit the necessary dose of femininity.

“Light Cappuccino” is the color that marked and singled out this collection – after lavender, our journey in the pastel world continues. She is warm and her gentle tone reminds us of the most beautiful and most delicious Italian cappuccino, which turned the sinfulness of inspiration, memory and vision into color. With primers of powdered shades, this color perfectly fit into our aesthetics. Milky White, Light Blue, Soft and Blush or Powder Pink, Lavender Color and then Light Cappuccino. Someone would say that we are really true hedonists: last year’s collection was inspired by macaroons in the color of lavender, this year – coffee. We can only say, for creative souls, inspiration is everywhere!

So let’s enjoy this winter wrapped in our gentle pink coats with unique leather details: leather handbags which are a true handmade master pieces –  Aya and Mia bags in a new color! Cold weather is not an excuse, so this winter we will embrace our pastel colors and match the best possible details with them – with a delicious Light Cappuccino!