“Less is more”, a notion of simplicity and timelessness is what guides Mirjana Vujcic in the production of her unique designs. Her spirit and distinctive style is embodied in her glamorous and luxurious collections. Mirjana Vujcic first introduced her refined, sophisticated pieces to fashion enthusiasts in 2008, with her first fashion show which started her path to the high fashion.
Today, under the wings of the brand MIRJANA VUJCIC, she continues to design elegant pieces for both men and women. Using only the finest hand-picked materials, and combining them with her unprecedented skill in design, she achieves luxury and perfection in all her collections. Mirjana Vujcic designs stand out for their simplicity of form, with intricate details weaved through delicate pastel fabrics. Whether for special occasions or everyday life, her collections are the correct choice for every modern man and woman. The brand awakens the spirit of high fashion as a recognized symbol of unique, timeless design.
Allow yourselves to feel luxurious and irresistible in every moment by giving in to notes of elegance and perfection in designs by Mirjana Vujcic. Because originality never goes out of style.

Mirjana Vujčić

Born 13th August 1975 in Knezevo, Croatia, Mirjana Vujcic spent her childhood and high school days in Beli Manastir, before her path led to further education in Novi Sad. This was a time in which she matured, reflected, and found herself, recognizing her immeasurable love for fashion, one that would continue to grow with her. This was a love which she transformed into a creative energy, making her dreams a reality by staging her first independent fashion show in 2008. As her inspiration, experience, and passion grew, so came the need for a new and improved space. Today, under the wings of the brand Mirjana Vujcic, she continues to follow world-class standards of high fashion, whilst staying true to the creation of magical, elegant designs for those with refined taste.