Mirjana’s collection has brought a unique floral print, which has made a very charming compound of „retro“ and „chic“ appearance. Different shapes and cuts of models and various details therefore made a very strong accent on woman’s beauty and elegance. In the finest textures of brocade and silk, pastel shades of blue, soft rose colour like a rose quartz. Also Milky white and a purple lavender colour made a beautiful, dreamy collection which really ’blooms’ as the name Bloom collection says.

French cuffs on the long sleeves dresses with a lace and crystal button details, cute “bubi“ collars which brings the spirit of the 1920s, handmade belts like a braids are pieces of some very fresh inspiration and innovation that this collection brings. So this collection is very diverse in colours and models, it made it to be very playful and combined in many outfits: romantic, elegant and even business and smart ones.

This collection was inspired by strong, powerful woman who is aware of her beauty. So everyone who takes care about elegant and sophisticated style will notice that nothing disturbs idyllic harmony of the Bloom collection: it is floral, fun and fabulous all in one!

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