When writing memoirs for all the happenings behind the scene, or at the backstage, we would find it difficult to find a publisher for such an extensive work. Preparing, dressing, makeup, hair, at the same time all the responsibility and our need for everything to be as we imagined. In the Fashion Week in Novi Sad, we presented the collection for the Spring/Summer 2017.


Gentle, elegant and sophisticated. The collection captured breath for all visitors of the show. With the dynamic rhythm given by the music, the tension grew and every new exit of the model brought the quiet Wow! One after the other, creations of flying dresses, overalls, sophisticated combinations of trousers and blouses with sophisticated, unique details of lace, pearls and crystals, which were shared with reflectors, flooded this podium with the flair of talent, beauty and art! Until the moment of the defile, when the rhythm and intensity of the music grew, the audience eagerly waited for the return of their models that they were eyeing for them, and like some rare valuables, they wanted to see them again!

Defile is an excitement. A charge of emotions. Defile all our work that lasted for months and made its most beautiful epilogue that evening. Defile is a little cute little girl who with her mother proudly runs the runway and does not want to get off her, because what happened on that same run was magic that we did not want to stop. Since then, the collection was out and available to all our girls, brides and every woman who has been with us, on the show or later, to share with us the passion and love of what Mirjana Vujcic creates. And she creates magic.