For years we have built a unique fashion world. We have tried to get our aesthetic into every detail of it. From collections, photographs, fashion shows to the interior of our studio, presentations on social networks and all other requirements of our time.  So we’ve come to the point that we want that our website to be just like that. We wanted to connect what we are and everything that is modern and current in the world of fashion and the Internet. Our new site is a product of a lot of work, desire, enthusiasm. In the mission to connect the aesthetics of our brand and in the right way to introduce ourselves to you in the virtual world of the internet.

We wanted to remain romantic, simple, in the pastel colors. It was a challenge of the idea and our creativity that we should align and convey to designers who design something a bit different from us, but we succeeded. The site is here and it’s live!  A transparent layout of all our collections. Our bags beautifully contested in gentle shades of pink, light blue and delicate lavender. And above all, we created a web shop so that our products would be more accessible to our customers around the world. Pants, blouses, coats and capes, bags are now available on click on your computer or phone. As we wished  for you to feel part of the magic of MV world during online shopping. We designed special covers for our bags as well as our product packaging to experience the special experience of our shopping without visiting our studio.

With this Blog section on the site. We will be able to talk to you more closely and maybe introduce ourselves in a little more intimate light and show everything we do and create. One is sure and always the same, there are only love, devotion, passion and persistence. Stay with us for all the new things that will come and we’ll be delighted to share with you!