When you ask our designer a question that begins with “What was your inspiration …” . You have asked the question so often that requires always only one answer. “Love.” And all that`s often used, pronounced  or mentioned with time it fades, lose the meaning. That’s why we keep it for  those special moments only for presenting  a new collection, which is always and only – love. In that word we summarize the work and effort, dedication, care, sacrifice, sleepless nights, but we bring only love as a final product, because its effect is the point of our work.

Striving to always be her own and different, Mirjana Vujcic. This time remained true to herself and her unique style switching from gentle tones of lavender color, bow details and unique bags from the previous Spring/Summer 2018 collection to the new fashion chapter for slightly cooler days. If we suspect a cold and gloomy weather, we don’t suspect  colors and mood to be like that. Remaining consistent in gentle pastel colors, the new collection brings two new pastel shades.  Similar but different, in step with global trends but in the same time very “timeless” and out of them. New Mirjana Vujcic Fall/Winter 2019 Collection brings back the classic. Simple elegance and forms which seduce us from season to season.

A phrase we often hear from our customers and associates is: “As soon as I saw that wedding dress  (coat, shirt, pants …), I knew that it was Mirjana Vujcic’s design!“. Is there a better  confirmation that you have left your mark in the fashion world than the seal of recognition. In the season Spring / Summer 2018 it was a lavender color, delicate and yet so strong. This color has ruled the season  and become a must have in any clothing piece or accessories, and our pride is that we manage to launch trends, in step with the world’s greatest designers but  also before them.  Modesty is a virtue, but the fact is the reality. Beautiful Armani dress with a bow, then bows on the shoulder dresses of  Elie Saab. The collection S / S18 Mirjana Vujcic which was released in August 2017.

Facts are powerful. We do not boast of them, we just smile proudly and go forward, or should we say “run”  to work out the pieces from one of the most wanted collection so far. And at the same time preparing the new Fall/Winter 2019 Collection, new challenges and goals. Until the next “What was your inspiration for this collection…”.

With love #MV