Maybe it just seems a bit late with our plans and decisions for 2019, but in fact, we’are only late with this text, because the MV team already works hard on new business projects, engagements and the new Spring / Summer 2019 collection. They say that you give the biggest tasks and incentives to yourself and that’s exactly what we experienced with publishing the collection for the previous Spring / Summer 2018 season: from the color of lavender that captivated us all, to the bows, the details and the entire collection that takes the breath away, we had a little anxiety how will we beat that in future. Here comes the creative skills of our designers, that after all the collections brought, as one Tabula Rasa, creates a new one that is so similar and at the same time so different from the previous ones. Color, the color was the one that was supposed to overpower this seductive scent of lavender, which made us return to it in accessories, dresses, coats throughout the whole 2018. And then in the Fall / Winter season we presented pastel, gentle Light Cappuccino color, which with its tanness and subtlety corresponds to the season and cooler weather.

Hoping that in 2019 we will move our own borders and raise the already high standards we set ourselves, we knew that the new collection should be like that. Our greatest challenge is always someway contradictory: to create a new one and to keep simplicity, timeless and subtle; keep feminine and create as powerful as possible to empower women; keep our recognizable romantic style and catch the attention of fashion followers and aesthetes, as well as our customers, without extravagance and just trends.

We have learned for years now to be excellent in this join, to put our own vision, creativity at the forefront of our brand and that is our card for this fashion journey. It’s kind of easier for us to find the color on which base the entire collection will be created, the color that is the driving force, the freshness, the breath of the new and the different in the MV world. Pressed Rose is its name: warm and gentle pastel pink color with a touch of intense pink tone is a new spark that will shine in Mirjana Vujčić Spring / Summer 2019 collection! We would like to have the opportunity to show you this synesthesia: it does not just give your eye a glimpse at a first look, somehow you dive into it, it makes you melting  like the most delicious Italian ice cream in the sun, the heat of its shade invites the summer, All white outfit and Mia or Aya bags in that color … Imagine that magic!

Stay tuned, soon we will share it with you!

With love,