Do you like Cappuccino as we do? New colour in #MV kingdom

When we were thinking about a new collection for season Fall/Winter 2019, we knew one thing for sure: after  lavender colour which has marked the whole Spring/Summer season, we wanted a new, fresh colour which will be as authentical as the previous one, but more gentle, soft and appropiate for cold weather.

In terms of production, it’s not the easiest thing: to tone leather accesories and fabrics, to make them compatible the most possible, because the eye of our designer sees its all shades, so it must be a perfect match! When the leather came, it was the prettiest colour which we haven’t seen anywhere, and like with lavender, we knew it will be just what we have wanted for this collection. We call this colour „Light cappuccino“. Its warm and soft tone reminds us of the prettiest, the most tasteful italian cappuccino transmuted into one colour. With tinges of a blush pink, this cappuccino colour has perfectly fitted into our pastel shades. Milky white, Light blue, Soft and Blush pink, gentle Lavender colour and then the Light Cappuciono. Someone would say we are a true hedonists: last year’s collection we were inspired by cookies – macaroons, now coffee – so, we can just say, for a creative souls, inspiration is everywhere!

Let’s enjoy together  this winter, snuggled in our light pink coats with the most stylish accessories – leather belts and Aya and Mia bags! Cold weather isn’t  an excuse, so this season we will wrap with our pastel colours and most beautiful details – and of course, Light cappuccino!

With love