Plannig 2019.

Maybe it just seems a bit late with our plans and decisions for 2019, but in fact, we’are only late with this text, because the MV team already works hard…


Do you like Cappuccino as we do? New colour in #MV kingdom

Do you like Cappuccino as we do? New colour in #MV kingdom When we were thinking about a new collection for season Fall/Winter 2019, we knew one thing for sure:…

Fall/Winter 2019 Collection


Preparing a new Mirjana Vujcic Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

When you ask our designer a question that begins with “What was your inspiration …” . You have asked the question so often that requires always only one answer. “Love.”…

unique fashion


It’s live!

For years we have built a unique fashion world. We have tried to get our aesthetic into every detail of it. From collections, photographs, fashion shows to the interior of…



Seductive and fragrant

In the most beautiful tones of fragrant lavender flowers. A new collection of creator Mirjana Vujcic refreshed our  fashion world of pastel colors with a new, but also fragrant color,…

collection Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion week


Serbia Fashion Week 2016

When writing memoirs for all the happenings behind the scene, or at the backstage, we would find it difficult to find a publisher for such an extensive work. Preparing, dressing,…